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The perfect London venue to debut your latest fashion show

Fashion Show Venues London

Let your wildest runway vision come to life

The blank canvas nature of the space serves as a blank slate, inviting you to unleash your imagination and infuse the venue with your unique aesthetic.

Evolution London provides an unparalleled canvas for your next fashion show, offering a versatile space that invites boundless creativity. With its expansive 5,500 M² and impressive 8-metre ceilings, this venue stands ready to accommodate your boldest visions.

Picture this: as guests enter the sleek, minimalist space, they’re immediately enveloped in an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement. The vast expanse of the venue stretches out before them, offering endless possibilities for what might happen next. Whether you dream of a grand, sweeping catwalk that commands attention, a striking installation that captivates the senses or a small intimate presentation, Evolution London is the ideal venue to to bring your fashion show to life.

Our Work

Evolution London has hosted several fashion shows and catwalk style awards over the years.


Why Evolution London?

Branding Potential

At Evolution London, the possibilities endless  – allowing you to create an impactful experience from the moment your guests arrive.

Capacity icon


4,000 total capacity, 3,500 theatre and 1,600 cabaret.

Space icon


With its expansive 5,500 M² and impressive 8-metre ceilings, this venue stands ready to accommodate your boldest visions.


From sleek, modern designs to opulent, theatrical flourishes, you’re able to tailor every aspect of the space to perfectly complement your latest collection.

Venue Access

There are no restrictions – you can build for 24 hours if you need to.


Situated in the stunning Grade II* Battersea Park with onsite parking, we are only 2.1 miles from Westminster.

Drinks reception or After party

Turn your show into an unforgettable evening event.


We work seamlessly with Moving Venue, our exclusive in-house caterer.


Envision models confidently showcasing creations under carefully curated lighting paired with the best-in-class audio. Or guests immersed in installations blurring fashion and art.

Event Management

Smart Live, Evolution London’s sister company, is a dynamic event management agency offering comprehensive project management for your fashion show. Collaborating with Smart Live means integrating them into your team, ensuring seamless delivery of every event component, punctually and within budget. Renowned for their innovative approach, Smart Live partners with top businesses to deliver exceptional events that captivate clients and staff alike. With a commitment to creativity across all aspects of content and event execution, Smart Live never settles for the ordinary.

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